How To Vape Safely

How To Vape Safely

How To Vape Safely | How To Vape Safely

Vaping is probably one of the most discussed subjects recently.

It is seen as a better alternative to smoking leading to more and more people buying their own vaping kits.

While it is safer than smoking, it does has it’s own hazards.

So to continue enjoying your vaping experience below are a few tips on how to vape safely.

  • Keep Good Hydration Levels: This is a tip, I think should be known by all but strangely it isn’t. If you vape, especially for long periods, it can leave you feeling dehydrated since it takes away some moisture from your body. So it’s always a wise idea to regular re hydrate.
  • Charging Your Battery With The Manufacturer’s Charger: It might be tempting to charge your vape with any charger you find, but it’s best to stick with the manufacturer’s charger.This ensure’s that your charger is compatible with the battery and also do not leave your vape plugged in overnight.
  • Consider A Temperature-Controlled Mod:More Modern vapes come with a temperature control setting which allows the coils to set to a particular lower temperatures.This is safer because high temperatures allow more chemical reactions to occur that leads to an increase in the formation of formaldehyde released when vaping.
  • Clean Your Battery Terminal:Every few weeks, take time to clean your mod’s battery terminal.This will improve how well your device will perform because it will eliminate the layer of dust between your battery and the device.I recommend using alcohol wipes to perform cleaning.
  • Monitor Your Device’s Heat:Overheating can be dangerous for both you and your device. This happens when you use your mod regularly and notice it getting warm. In such instances take the batteries out as they can explode or vent.

There are many more tips and tricks on how to vape safely. Drop yours in the comment section and we will add them.

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