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The Bloom Brand vape cartridges concentrate on progressive extraction methods to deliver vibrant and flavorful products. Our mission is to empower people and enhance their individual experiences. Born in Los Angeles, est. 2013.  A revolutionary tech-engineered cartridge. At last, crisp, clean design meets unmatched vaping experience. At just 1 gram or 0.5 grams, the Bloom Vape fits right in your palm and slips easily in your pocket. Make room for a new BFF. Ten unique strains, triple-distilled to produce ten fruitful moods. What kind of day will you choose? Premium THC Vapes, our partner site equally carries a wide array of THC cartridges.

6 reviews for Bloom Vape

  1. Raja (verified owner)

    A delicious and frosty strain this phenotype treats both Indica and Sativa lovers kindly.

  2. Hartley (verified owner)

    I love the warm sensation on my face as I listen to music.

  3. Tammy (verified owner)

    this was a great choice on this special day.

  4. Saarah (verified owner)

    Potent resin covered nugs.

  5. Dominic (verified owner)

    Good head high, floating thoughts, and very giggly. A pretty strong body high as well, but not in the sense of the classic indica \”pull\”, it was more of a \”i\’m too lazy to get up right now\” kind of high.

  6. Keiran (verified owner)

    I\’m going to try smoking an equal amount and finish this after about 10 mins or so.

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