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Cake Mix



This marijuana strain is a Hybrid and Indica dominant. The Cake Mix strain is an additional uncommon exotic cannabis strain that is crossed with Cherry Pie, GSC, and Triangle Kush.

Cake Mix strain review.

This marijuana strain is a Hybrid and Indica dominant. The Cake Mix strain is an additional uncommon exotic cannabis strain that is crossed with Cherry Pie, GSC, and Triangle Kush. Then, Imagine smoking a cross of three famous California strains. Also, This strain one of those rare exotic strains you will always want to have time to time. Order Cake Mix strain online. cake mix weed, cake strain, purple cake batter strain, cake strains.


The nugs were big and dense with a potent smell of dank. They had been also totally coated with trichomes. Super dense nugs with hints of purple that can be located. This strain is among the newest California strains. Any cannabis smokers who is following premium buds will be happy with the Cake Mix strain. The THC potency is higher with this weed and a bowl making use of a bong will be lots. Therefore, We are privileged to to have stock of this strain. Order Cake Mix strain online.


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Effects and medical Benefits of Cake Mix strain .

The THC potency is high with this weed and a bowl using a bong will be plenty. Therefore, Inexperienced cannabis smokers should try smoking a small amount of Cake Mix weed. This strain was grown indoors in a controlled environment in California.Also, this strain does not taste like its name. It would be crazy for an actual strain to taste like Cake Mix. However, its sweet name does describe its flavor adequately. The terpenes from the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie really make this a sweet-tasting smoke. It does have that kush earthy taste too which makes an overall really great flavor. Cake Mix strain for sale

Where to purchase the strain from.

We assure you that, we will always have stock of this strain to meet up with your demands. This is because of the lots of medical benefits this strain has to offer to its users. Cake Mix strain for sale online.

Packaging of Cake mix cookies strain.

Our Cake Mix cookies strain come in their official bags. You don’t believe that?. Yes they do come in their official bags. Do you know what is amazing about us?. We don’t charge clients extra fee for these bags. Isn’t that Amazing?. Then what are you waiting for to order from us. You won’t regret ordering from us. Therefore, place your orders now.

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Recent development About the strain.

Did you know that cake mix strain has recently been rated to be one of the best strains of the cookies family?. Yes it was. Therefore, it’s demand has increased drastically. Hence some suppliers have turn to increase the price of the strain in the market. Thus, weed mix, cookie cake strain,weed mixing, cookies hybrid, triangle kush cookies, berners lemonade strain, cake mix review, weed cakes for sale, cake mix California.


Nevertheless, we at gas house store have always keep our price for this strain the same. Meaning we keep our clients at a very important place in our hearts. cake mix strain has become more popular in other European countries and the world at large. Therefore, bliss cake strain, cakemix,lemon cake weed, cakes strain, lemon cake leafly, exotic cookies strain, choices carts thc, frosted cookies strain, guava cake weed strain, triangle cookies strain. lemon cake strain, lemonhead strain, cake batter strain, la cake strain, purple cake strain.

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6 reviews for Cake Mix

  1. Wilf (verified owner)

    Type O- blood. I was in a fasted state for 16 hours (Intermittent fasting 8/16) when I smoked some.

  2. Cassidy (verified owner)

    Great night time smoke, which is the only time I smoke.

  3. Mcdaniel (verified owner)

    The high hits in the head but not too powerfully like some Sativas.

  4. Barajas (verified owner)

    Great night time smoke, which is the only time I smoke.

  5. Libbi (verified owner)

    The flavor is a nice classic weed flavor with no standout flavors like lemon or grape or something.

  6. Britton (verified owner)

    Smells and taste great, with fluffy, triched-out buds.

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