Purple Jellato Preroll

Purple Jellato Preroll



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Our bud-only Purple Jellato prerolls are made using the same top shelf flower you find in our jars.

6 reviews for Purple Jellato Preroll

  1. Cousins (verified owner)

    I started cooking breakfast about ten minutes later, I was slightly agitated prior to smoking and now feel calm, but not out of it.

  2. Angel (verified owner)

    Type O- blood. I was in a fasted state for 16 hours (Intermittent fasting 8/16) when I smoked some.

  3. Robin (verified owner)

    I feel good, not too up, or too down, but I do feel like relaxing.

  4. Dominic (verified owner)

    It feels as though you\’re very relaxed, but yet quite high.

  5. Albert (verified owner)

    You’ll know it when you smell it, this is straight gas.

  6. Nicholas (verified owner)

    The flavor is a nice classic weed flavor with no standout flavors like lemon or grape or something.

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